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Finding a car mechanic who is willing to play the role of a problem solver for your car is a difficult task. Getting in touch with an auto mechanic who can understand the specifications and provide dedicated solutions as per car make and model is not easy for everyone. We often underestimate the value of experienced auto mechanics while getting our cars repaired or serviced and often get trapped under cheap rates.

With Car Mechanic Perth, you get associated with one of the best squad of car mechanics in Perth who are willing to solve your problem. By using technical aptitude to diagnose your issue, our auto mechanics will work efficiently to get your car back on road. All our mechanics in Perth based workshop are certified and go through knowledge and skills testing to work on specific makes and models of cars.

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Car Repair of All Makes and Models

If you are someone who finds it difficult to get the right car mechanic for your favourite four-wheeler, you are not alone. Car Mechanic Perth understands the value of a skilled mechanic for your car and, hence you are provided with certified mechanics as per your car make and model. Our mechanics are well rounded and have spent countless hours working under specific car make and model to hone their craft. No matter which brand you own or how long you are driving, you will find the perfect tailor-made solutions for your car.

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Car Mechanic Services


Car Detailing

We offer you the best car detailing services that include all the aspects such as interior and exterior wash, doors cleaning, seat cleaning and other essential services.


Car Air Conditioning (A/C) repair

We take of your comfort by providing you car air conditioning repairs service in Perth at economical prices. From compressors to the refrigerant, we can repair and replace all sorts of equipment with sheer dedication.


Car Battery service Perth

We provide car battery replacement and repair services so that you don’t stick in the middle of the road at any point of time. We will let you get rid of all sorts of battery issues using our state of the art technology.


Car Engine Diagnostic Service Perth

Your car engine needs the best attention and for which you can trust the abilities of Car Mechanic Perth. We will provide relevant solution regarding all sorts of a car engine issues.


Car Steering & Suspension

To provide you with proper balance and control every time you step out for a drive, we will be performing a complete range of car steering and suspension service ensuring complete diagnosis using highly advanced technology.


Wheel alignment

Enhance the life and productivity of your car tyres with our highly advanced wheel alignment service.

Let the experts show their talent in making your every ride memorable

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Car inspection

Come to Car Mechanic Perth for any sort of car service and, you’ll be receiving a free car inspection. With our aim to help you in keeping your car in prime condition, we will do an inspection of your car from all levels to trace out any possible error that can create troubles for you. Our expert mechanics possess skills that let them communicate freely so that you know exactly what’s going on in your car and remain confident throughout the inspection process.

Car Inspection

What makes our car Mechanics best in town?

Your search for qualified mechanics ends here as we have got the experienced and talented mechanics in our dynamic team. Our mechanics have complete information regarding diagnosing, maintaining, inspecting and repairing cars of all brands. Some more reasons to trust our car mechanics are:

Technical Geeks

The streets are filled with cars which are not less than technology marvels itself. Our car mechanics know much more than just turning wrenches – they are seasoned in working with gadgets and the latest set of equipment.


Car issues can be minor or major and occur at any point in time, we have trained our mechanics to take on any sort of car issue as a challenge that needs to be completed.

Problem Solvers

More than car mechanics, we like the title’ problem solvers’ for us. Apart from phenomenal technical skills, we have extensively invested in training them with good communication skills so that they can understand client issues and provide relevant solutions in no time.

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Kylie Wallace

My decision of taking my Audi car to Car Mechanic Perth has proved out to be true and profitable. I am very much satisfied with the quality of work and professionalism displayed by their car mechanics as my car was in very bad condition post its accident. The mechanics at car mechanics Perth have carefully understood my issue and provided them with all sorts of problems my car was facing. They have a complete set of modernised equipment which makes their work more easy and smooth. The mechanics repaired my car within no time and I was on road feeling like driving a new car which is just out of the showroom. Great JOB !!!!!

Mercedes car mechanics in Perth
Sandra Fuller

Finding a quality mechanic who understands your car like its own is difficult and I am been a victim of poor services many times. I come in contact with Car Mechanic Perth while I was searching for a repair shop to fix my Audi A8. I was absolutely stunned by the skills and talent of the mechanic who diagnosed my car issue within few minutes of arriving at the repair shop. Car Mechanic Perth has the best team of experts who know what works best for your car and what tools and services it requires. I have surely bookmarked them for life for any sort of service for my car and would recommend them to anyone.

Mercedes car mechanics in Perth
Steven Edwards

Buying a luxurious Jaguar come along with lots of responsibilities – one being its regular maintenance, there was no point in trusting an amateur or mechanic shop near me for handling my car and, that is the reason I chose Car Mechanic Perth. I come in touch with Car Mechanic Perth through my friend who himself drives a Lamborgini. In terms of my car servicing, they have done a commendable job in providing me with effortless driving through their car servicing skills. All the people in their team are honest and show pure work ethics in their work. I am highly satisfied with their services and, I am sure everyone will be amazed at their services.

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