Major and Minor Repairs Perth

Car Mechanic Perth has years of experience in providing some of the best services to customers. We have a big team consisting of expert engineers and skilled mechanics who provide services locally. Major repairs that we provide are like detailed services that may be auto body repair or interior repair.

Our professional mobile car service company is based in Perth and our experts offer numerous services to various clients irrespective of their car models and brands. We aim to provide services in each category distinctly and that is why most people in Perth reach out to us to get their car problems fixed. A minor service will be more like a general auto repair, where the mechanic will have an overall look at the car and detect small or minor problems.

What Our Major and Minor Repairs Includes?

Under our major car services, customers generally get their car condition investigated thoroughly so that any complex yet crucial fault can also get detected. Under this service, you will also get proper maintenance service. Car body repair is one of the major services that our experts provide to their clients.

  • Apart from that, other services include checks and replacements of filters, spark plugs, oils or battery testing.

  • You will also get services like flushing and replacing fluids from different components like brakes, transmission, clutch or coolant. To ensure that your car is performing well, our experts will check the gearbox, differential and transfer case and also perform a road and safety test.

Under minor services, you will get overall check-ins to make sure that filters, brake pads, and oils are in perfect condition. Brake and clutch fluids are also checked to see if they need any replacement. Car scratch repair, paint repair are two of the standard minor repairs that our experts will provide. Here also, our expert will conduct a test drive. In short, while major service is the full-body check-up of the vehicle, minor service is a check-up done to ensure that all the crucial signs are satisfactory.

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Choose Car Mechanic Perth for Best Major and Minor Car Repairs

Irrespective of your car repair needs, Car Mechanic Perth should be your one-stop repairing workshop, without any doubt. Whether your car needs minor repairs or major servicing, you can be sure that your beloved vehicle is in the safest hands in Perth. Here are the following reasons why you should come to us.

Multiple services

First of all, you will get a wide range of car services at a reasonable price. You can get a general mechanic for any minor service and also a specialist mechanic for any complex problem.

Approved equipment

Our experts use only those equipment that has proper authorisation by governing bodies.

Car paint service

Do you need your car to be painted or get your painting issue fixed? Then, why are you looking for an individual car paint shop, while you can have multiple service provider nearby?

Car body service

Similarly, you do not need to go to any separate car body shop to get the scratches repaired.

Best skilled mechanics

You can have the best mechanic Perth equipped with customised skills and knowledge.

We have a user-friendly online service. So just give a call and our experts will be offering immediate consultations.

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