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If any issues occur with the fuel injection system of your car, then you may face several unprecedented symptoms that can have a major impact on your car’s performance. Leaving it unsolved may lead to further complications that may cost you huge for repairs and replacements.

If you notice issues like difficulty starting, loss of power, the release of excessive black smoke, reduction in the fuel economy over a period, or a knocking sound coming from the engine specifically on cold starts, then you must need an immediate fuel injector repair.

We are a car servicing company based in Perth that offers exclusive fuel injection service and thus if you want to avoid excessive consumption of fuel and keep the servicing costs low you should contact us.

Our Car Fuel Injector Service Includes?

The most common issue that lies with a diesel fuel injection system is the presence of exhausted diesel fuel injectors and diesel fuel pumps of the same condition. The longevity of the fuel injection system depends on several factors like proper maintenance, service and the fuel quality that has been used in the vehicle.

If your car fuel injector is not cleaned properly for a longer period, then you may face those above-mentioned problems and you may have to go for an expensive servicing. But we are here for you. Our company experts have years of experience and our strength has grown in the line of requirements of the ever-evolving automotive industry. Our experts mechanics in Perth provide a range of services for the dirty fuel injectors that include:

fuel injector cleaning service
Fuel injector replacement service

Usually, the fuel injector needs to get replaced after every 50000 to 100000 miles. It depends on factors like what type of fuel has been used in the tank and how often the filters have been changed.

fuel injector cleaning
Fuel injector cleaning services

The range of cleaning services include cleaning of fuel rail, line and pressure regulator. And we clean the injector too.

fuel injector replacement
Fuel tank treatment

First fuel pump is removed from the fuel tank and thus the residue debris get settled at the bottom of the tank. Then, clean and hot water, with a little bit of detergent is used to clean the tank.

injector cleaning service
Fuel pump pressure test

A pressure gauge is used to get accurate readings. A pressure release valve is attached to the tester as it helps to remove the gasoline before disconnection.

fuel injector specialist

Choose Car Mechanic Perth For The Best Fuel Injector Service

When you contact us for high-quality brake service, you are bound to get the best fuel injector specialist. Our experts use advanced technology in providing the fuel injector service and here are the other several reasons why you should choose us to get the best injector repair.

As we use highly advanced technology, it improves the fuel economy of any car. Thus, you will get an excellent service at a very reasonable cost. And also, you will not need to repair frequently that may cost you significantly.

Our injector cleaning service successfully diminishes idle fluctuations, thus ensuring better car performance.

It also improves acceleration, thus you can drive at an increased range of speed you want.

There will be reduced exhaust emissions.

In addition to such quality in the workmanship, there will be a 12-month unlimited guarantee and it will be valid across the whole of Australia.

Above all, our service is decorated with experience and intense reliability. We have been able to provide a quicker turnaround and value customer’s money.

If you notice something suspicious in your brake or clutch, grab your phone and give us a call. We at Car Mechanic Perth can prove to be your best partners for critical car fuel injector service!

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