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One of the most crucial safety devices of your car is the brakes. Without brakes, your car would have gone out of control. The brakes are made of a combination of two components that are brake pad and disc. The heat generated from the friction of hitting the brakes gets transferred by the disc. But with time, as thermal stress is always produced, brake discs experience rust, warp and cracks.

As brake pads get old, they also create scars on the surface of the discs. The combination of these two types of problems minimises the overall power of the brakes. For these reasons, you need a regular brake repairs and service.

Another important part is the clutch as it makes it smooth when you change the gears. Usually, clutch problems are kept unnoticed but if you hear any grinding noise while changing the gears or identify signs like revs climbing, then you should not hesitate to contact us.

We are one of the known car repair shops that offers quality clutch repairs in Perth. We have skilled and highly knowledgeable repairing experts who have proper authorisation, and thus will guarantee you a long-lasting service.

Our Brake and Clutch Repair Service Includes?

We have years of experience in the car repair and service industry and we update ourselves according to the needs of the industry that is evolving every day. The services that are offered by our experts include:

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Car brake replacement Perth

Replacement services of car brakes include the replacement of different brake components like disc pad and brake shoe on the rear or front wheels.

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Application of lubricant

Our experts apply different types of grease on the wheel hubs. Because of lubricant, it becomes easier and smooth to operate them, thus increasing your car’s performance.

car brake replacement
Replacement of calliper pins

If you look at each of the brake callipers, you will see two round-shaped metal pins. These are known as calliper guide pins and they are found at the place where the brake piston is attached. They control the meeting angle between the brake pads and the rotor. So, you will need to replace them at frequent intervals.

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Clutch repairing

Our experts will check the condition of the clutch for free and provide repair service if needed.

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Removing excess air

They will also remove the excess from the hydraulics of the car, thus enhancing your car’s potential to give a fine performance.

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Choose Car Mechanic Perth For The Best Brake And Clutch Repair

You may find several brake and clutch repair shops in Perth, but a long-lasting service may not be found there. Thus for quality, you have to come to the best car mechanic in Perth. Here we mention the reasons why you should call us when you need repair for brake and clutch.

Top-quality experts:

We have some of the best-skilled brake specialists who not only have years of experience but also offer services according to the needs of your car. And after repair, they will also clean and wash your car.

Service for all types and models:

The best part of our car service is that we don’t have any problem with what make or model your car is.

Guaranteed service:

Our service stands on quality, honesty and reliability. You can trust us in getting a 100% guaranteed service. If you are not satisfied with our work, you will get your money back.

Service warranty:

Since customer satisfaction is what we aim at, we make sure to provide service warranties to all our esteemed clients.

For any trouble with your brake or clutch, call us or send an email.

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