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Car detailing involves art and work that helps to bring out the intrinsic detailing in the vehicle so that you can clean the car to the fullest. The car detailing service in Perth covers several aspects like cleaning, waxing, and polishing both the exterior and interiors that is full detail car wash. A car having a good look, pleasant feel, and wonderful smell is bound to make you happy. Moreover, a well-detailed car will always successfully capture people’s attention because of its stunning look.

It’s right here that you need the assistance of proficient car detailing experts like Car Mechanic Perth, as we have the acumen and experience to deliver professional auto repair services.

Professional Approach to Car Detailing

The whole procedure of auto detailing involves several individual processes. Using vacuums and applying cleaning agents and tools to its interior parts are the two most common steps.

  • In both cases, the main purpose is to remove dirt and grime from the surface. We degrease and clean the engine bay thoroughly.
  • On the exterior part, car detailers carry out washing, polishing, and waxing. With this your vehicle get a new and fresh look and protection from rust, dirt, and sunlight.
  • To clean the exterior part, you must hire an experienced professional because it needs extensive patience, care, and the correct set of equipment. We offer some of the best car detailers in Perth who can help you with a fantastic car makeover.

Our Car Cleaning And Detailing Services Include?

We are a professional mobile car detailing company based in Perth. We offer a broad range of car cleaning and detailing services that include the following.

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Exterior cleaning

Under the exterior cleaning services, the vehicle is washed, dust is removed from the brake, and the car body is rinsed. In addition, our detailers also carry out hand polish using very high-quality wax and engine bay detailing.

car interior cleaning
Complete interior cleaning

A vast range of tasks that come under complete interior car detailing, including pet hair removal, cleaning and rejuvenating dash and door trims, rejuvenating door rubbers, red dust removal, cleaning windows with in-and-out car wash, steam cleaning, etc.

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Clay bar treatment

Our detailers offer clay bar treatment to remove the containments from the car surface.

Car Detailing Perth
Machine Buff, Wax and Polish to remove light/medium scratch and swirls

This is a two-step machine polish that is carried out to remove medium-sized scratches from the body. Clay bar treatment and machine polish are often offered within exterior cleaning.

interior car detailing
Ozone treatment

Our professionals use a top-quality ozone generator to pump enough gas to kill bacteria and viruses.

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Headlights restoration

We also offer headlights restoration services according to plans.

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Choose Car Mechanic Perth For Best Auto Detailing Service

Despite the presence of competitors, we are the most professional and leading service providers. Here are certain reasons to choose us:

Our detailers use products that are of the highest quality. Furthermore, the techniques they implement on car cleaning and detailing have been proved to yield the best results to our customers.

They have years of extensive experience. We had already mentioned that exterior cleaning is a method that requires a proper step-by-step solution. It will first require a detail car wash. After the washing, it will need polishing, and then waxing. If the car is from a warmer climate, then it will often require more waxing. At Car Mechanic Perth, you will get all these relevant services.

Another satisfying quality of our detailers is that they will listen to your every request with attention and fulfil it. Like, if you want the hand car wash a little more, they will happily do that.

We take part in plenty of different training sessions to continuously keep us updated on car detailing. You will get exclusive warranties on each service that our experts provide.

So don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. Send an email or call us now to get the most professional auto care services!

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